The foundation for delivering quality services and projecting a good image is to adopt standards that will form a baseline for an approach to delivering professional customer care.
We aim to meet your needs with efficiency, effectiveness, fairness and courtesy:

  • Be attentive, polite and courteous.
  • Be honest and fair in dealing with customers.
  • Ensure that all published information is correct.
  • Respond quickly to requests for information.
  • Record, monitor and publish complaints and compliments.
  • Explain our services and keep the public informed of what is happening.
  • Ensure complaints are dealt with openly and fairly.
  • Actively seek the views of customers and staff.
  • Consult and survey customers on a regular basis.
  • Review our customer and staff care commitments.
  • Share good practice.
  • Providing a friendly service, showing respect and sensitivity.
  • Treating you fairly – demonstrating our commitment to equality and diversity.
  • Recognizing and responding to your particular needs.
  • Dealing with your requests and enquiries accurately, promptly and efficiently.
  • Respecting your confidentiality.
  • Making effective referrals to other teams or departments.
  • Offering an explanation if we can’t answer your request /enquiry.
  • Establishing service standards and monitoring our performance.
  • Continuing to develop our teams’ expertise and skills.
  • Welcoming your feedback.
  • We want a pleasant and safe environment at all our service points.

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