Hi, Welcome to Precise Global Certification Pvt. Ltd. Our entire business is QUALITY. We believe in the “Do as I do, not as I say” principle, following the same high standards to which we expect your company to adhere.

We are proud to serve diverse markets and business sectors with wide range of accredited certifications, and training solutions around the world. Our team of talented auditors and tutors are dedicated to adding true value to each of our clients.

We are a conformity assessment company having technical, operational, sales and business support expertise to help businesses and organizations manage efficiently their Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility issues. Our primary asset is our staff. As a result, our first goal is to attract and retain the best people. Our managers spend a large part of their time recruiting, selecting, training, coaching, and leading their teams.

We implement rigorous internal management processes for interacting with our clients with measurable objectives in place to ensure that we respond to your inquiries, applications, and comments in a timely fashion. In addition, when your company successfully passes an assessment, we will process your certificate within a week.

We offer a transparent and accountable audit decision making process that the primary goal for our clients is continual improvement. This process is delivered by a wealth of experienced, qualified professionals and industrial specific technical expert working within the group.

So whether you are a small local operation or a major multi-national operating globally, “PGCS” is able to tailor its services and approach specifically to meet your needs. Our vast clientele network ensures that you will be in good hands, no matter where your company is located.

I personally take special consideration and give high importance to each of the quotations, contracts, audit results, audit reports, project status and certification decisions. So, being the highest decision maker of this company, I personally take care of every aspect of our services delivered to our clients, because for me all the clients are very special and I give priority to all equally. If you need my special attention on any subject related to our services please let me know, I am just an email away from all the support you need. Please write me at ceo@precisegcs.com.

I invite you to visit our website often to keep apprised of our progress.


Dr. Muhammad Ahmad