Having sex in and out of marriage is NO sin The only sin in a sexual relationship is when there is NO SPIRITUAL harmony between them. Sex in itself is pleasurable, and estatic when there is Medium

It’s not sinful for married couples to have oral sex. The word “pornography,” therefore, implies the description or depiction of sexually explicit content designed to sexually arouse the reader or viewer. That is, in essence, the intention behind nearly every form of pornography, both past and present. And thanks to advances in modern technology, explicitly sexual content can be captured through photography and film, preserved in print or other digital media, and shared via the internet.

Why Christians Don’t Need Holy Shrines

When you get into homosexuality, there is a change that takes place in you. Homosexuality changes people from who they are and what they were created to be. No person is born a homosexual and God does not create homosexuals.

But thankfully, God’s opinion about sex before marriage is straightforward. With that in mind, let’s confront this question. Sex is meant to be private between husband and wife, so sex needs to happen where others can’t see you – but what about where others might see you? This ranges from sex in the car in a public place to manually stimulating each other in a movie theater to making out on a beach to sex in your own back yard. Everything a couple includes in their sex life should build them up and direct them towards each other.

Homosexuality is a sin

God forgives all sins, except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. It subjects people to unnecessary mental distress, feelings of guilt or remorse. The above Bible portions shows us when and how marriage, the union between a man and a woman, occurs.

Amongst us are pastors, ministers, scholars, and every day Christians. However, just like everything else in creation, sex has been corrupted by sin. People often use sex for bad, broken, selfish, or evil purposes. Encouraging and challenging you to seek intimacy with God every day. Addiction breeds bondage, idolatry and “crazymaking.” Any recovery process is replete with full transparency and accountability. Many find some success with an accountability partner, but this is not likely enough.

The homosexuals and those who support and propagate homosexuality profess they are wise but they are fools. Homosexuality is found in a society rotting in sin like Sodom. It is a sign of a rebellious society and oncoming God judgment. See that Lot offered his two daughters to the males of Sodom but these men were after the males to commit homosexuality. Anytime you are looking at whether or not something is a mortal sin you really need to consider the conditions for a mortal sin because even if it’s grave matter then the sin may not be mortal.


Is it a sin to watch porn?


In the way I understand the Bible about sin, the only sin that cannot be pardoned is the sin that cannot be repented of. What I mean by repented of is at least these four things. This is what it means that we are not our own. This is the death of pride and all its perverting power over us.

I want to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with the appetite itself; the problem comes with managing it. If you are married and don’t feel attracted toward your spouse, there is a problem you need to address. However, you must recognize the difference between having sexual desires and being sexually promiscuous. One is a blessing God has given, something for a husband and wife to enjoy. As amazing as it is to have sexual desires, our responsibility is to manage them in a way that pleases God. Marriage, in its traditional sense, is not the only covenant we are making with each other.


‘Drypperten’ igen på fremmarch: Smitsom sexsygdom på højeste niveau i over 25 år


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Even when sexting is not sinful, caution is warranted. For example, might your child accidentally stumble across those pictures or messages on your phone? Given the privacy concerns of any sort of data sent through phones and computers, married couples who engage in sexting need to do so with wisdom. I personally don’t feel you are in any way attempting to proselytize here and have no problem with you presence. You are just answering my question and providing some additional information to add perspective. I am a Christian and a believer in pentecostal doctrine FYI.

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